Dry January

Dry January

19th January 2021

Dry January at The Lytton

Each year Dry January is increasing in popularity and quickly becoming one of the UK’s most popular New Year’s Resolutions. And for good reason too, as the health benefits are clear to see. According to BMI Healthcare, “Drinking less alcohol can have great benefits for your health, from a stronger immune system to reduced stress and a healthy, functioning liver. As mentioned, you may well lose weight. Alcohol also affects your blood pressure, so you may see an improvement there too. It’s easy to ignore the negative effects that alcohol can have on your body, but they can be very serious, and many of us drink more than we are aware.”

If you’re considering taking the pledge this January, we've got some helpful tips for you.

• Put the money that you would've spent on alcohol and pop it in a safe space. When you’ve finished your pledge, treat yourself with the money you've saved.

• Concentrate on your fitness. Try taking up a new sport or create a gym routine. Exercise and alcohol don’t really mix anyway, so you’ll be in the best position to succeed.

• Plan events to attend that would normally not include alcohol anyway. Some good options are live sporting events and afternoon teas.

• Switch your focus from drinking to eating. Seasonal eating in January is all about rich meats and seasonal root vegetables. Think dishes like venison, game, root vegetables, steaks and rich stews.

• Take the challenge with a friend. You can encourage each other.

• If you like cocktails, try a mocktail. They’re well-blended fruits and aromatic concoctions.

• If you’re a beer fan, try the non-alcoholic versions of popular beers.

• Or, if you’re a wine drinker, there are non-alcoholic sparking and standard wines available.

• Lock up your liquor cabinet and give the key to a trusted friend so you won’t be tempted.

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